Research Projects Professor Yi-Hua Liu
【Projects from National Science Council, ROC (NSC)
Year Entrust Unit Budget
2010 Smart power management of LiFePO4 battery module for Robots(II) NSC
2009 Smart power management of LiFePO4 battery module for Robots(I) NSC
2009 Search for an optimal charging pattern for lithium ion batteries and its implementation NSC
2009 Research on the contactless battery charing technology NSC
2008 Development of Curicullum and Evaluation Modules for Renewable Energy Experiment Courses NSC
2007 Development of a Micro Biomedical Sensor System NSC
2007 Industry-Demand-Oriented Development and Implementation of Pedagogy and Teaching Materials for Renewable Energy Course NSC
2006 Development of Smart Battery Application Circuits for Lithium Ion Batteries NSC
2005 Development of Modulation Technologies for A High Efficiency, Fully Digital Class-D Amplifier NSC
2004 High precision battery testing system for lithium ion batteries NSC
2004 Research on Power-over-Ethernet Technology NSC
2003 Digital control technology for welding machine NSC
2003 High efficiency, low cost battery charger for 3C products NSC
【Project from Enterprise】
Year Entrust Unit Budget